Africa: COVID-19 – Financing Models | August 14, 2020

GHA - German Health Alliance is a strategic partner of the AHBS 1st Webinar Series, themed "Partnerships for COVID-19". This series will consist of five sessions discussing key opportunities that are at the center of change.

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14 August 2020

UNITE Global Summit 2020: Virtual | September 7-8, 2020

UNITE – Global Parliamentarians Network to End Infectious Diseases, close partner of GHA - German Health Alliance having a speaker role at this event, is inviting to attend the upcoming UNITE Global Summit: Virtual.

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07 September 2020

GHA Assembly MedTech as Web Event | September 30, 2020

Web-Event mit Microsoft Teams,

With focus on Zukunftsfähigkeit Medizintechnik - Export nach Corona a virtual meeting of GHA members in the medical-technical sector will take place on September, 30th.  

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30 September 2020