Global Health is a topic of increased political priority and public interest. To further shape Germany’s international leadership in this area, the Federal Government is curently developing a new Global Health Strategy. In this context, the Federal Ministry of Health is working closely together with the other relevant Federal Ministries.

Since the German government’s official launching event on 6th June 2018, hosted by the Federal Ministry of Health, five sectors and stakeholder groups – civil society, think tanks, private sector, academia and youth – have been invited to participate in this process.

The German Healthcare Partnership (now: GHA – German Health Alliance) has been asked by the German government to coordinate a position paper on behalf of the private sector. Dr Alois Dörlemann, leading this effort for GHA, and the coordinators of the other four groups presented and handed over the position papers to the German government on 5th September 2018.

Currently, the interministerial discussions and the coordination on the priorities and objectives of the strategy of the German government are being underway. The aim is to adopt the new strategy by beginning of 2020.