GHA Information & Dialogue Platform

GHA’s efforts in the field of health crises, humanitarian crises and related health system strengthening have yielded tangible success on the national and international level following the lessons learned from the Ebola Crisis. GHA’s multi-sector approach is regarded as a currently unique, proactive push of the private healthcare sector towards significant improvements in communication, cooperation and coordination in multi-sectoral groups and single stakeholder groups. This increased understanding and openness between sectors, causing them to collaborate more closely and to envision innovative partnerships. The establishment and clear definition of the role of the private sector in the area of health and humanitarian crises is one of the GHA’s focus areas, highlighting the utmost importance of public-private collaboration.

Cooperation in Health Crises
The GHA works with private companies, NGOs, government agencies and other national and international actors to coordinate responses to international healthcare incidents such as the Ebola crisis. GHA enables more efficient and targeted donations of medical goods and services from Germany.

Healthcare in Humanitarian Crises
Although pandemic preparedness and response is an important theme, the healthcare sector also plays a large role in responding to healthcare related aspects of other humanitarian crises, such as the cholera outbreak after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. GHA’s information sharing platform communicates lessons learned and best practices in this area.

Health System Strengthening
It is critical to build resilient health systems that can withstand unpredictable emergencies of unknown proportions. The GHA represents German companies across the healthcare value chain that collaborate in innovative partnerships in target countries to improve upon and build new health infrastructure.

Exemplary Activities and Accomplishments of GHP (now: GHA)

Networking Sessions
We regularly host networking sessions between our member firms, the German Government, and NGOs.

Participation in Conferences
We have presented at or participated in over 11 conferences in the last two years, including speaking at the G20 Expert Conference “Taking Action against Health Crises” (7/8 December 2016) and participation as one of only two private actors at the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016

We work to influence the international political agenda, such as successfully advocating that the G20 Topic “Health Crises” would also be an important theme at the B20 Health Conference (18 May 2017).

Public Private Partnership Support
We support the creation of new public-private partnerships. For example, we led the development of a strategic alliance between GHA member firms working in medical technology and the BMZ in the context of the develoPPP program.