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Bodyscan Systems (DIERS bodyline)
formetric 3D

Optical stato-dynamical spine analysis and posture measurement system:
The 3D/4D measurement system formetric is a special development for fast, contactless and radiation-free static and dynamic measurement of the back surface and spine. Objective clinical parameters, describing scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis, spinal rotation and other relevant clinical parameters are calculated with a very high degree of accuracy, and may be used in diagnosis, screening, studies, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and other clinical applications. The formetric system analyses the back surface in a sophisticated, automatized way, with no need for manual fi xation of markers on the vertebras.

Anatomical landmarks, (C7, sacrum, dimples etc.), vertebra positions and rotations are automatically detected, using the reconstructed high-resolution surface and anatomical and pathological knowledge models. The resulting 3D trunk reconstruction model shows the complete form and position of the examined spine and pelvis and the provides the user with a lot of measurement data.

The application range may be extended by an electronic height adjustable 3D simulation platform. Measurement of leg length differences and their exact corrections, i.e. for orthopaedic shoes etc., is possible.

Orthopaedic clinics
Orthopaedic private institutes
Rehabilitation centers
Sports medicine

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