Hirtz & Co. KG

Dr. Hanns Joachim Hirtz
Bonner Straße 180
50968 Köln


Peter Schneider
Tel.: +49 221 3767812
Fax: +49 221 3767885
E-Mail: pschneider@hico.de

Das Unternehmen

Gründungsjahr: 1945
Gründer: Hans Hirtz
Inhaber: Dr. Hanns Joachim Hirtz
Beschäftigte: ca. 30
Exportanteil: 55%
Absatzmarkt: weltweit

Patienten-Temperatur-Management (Hypo-/Hyperthermiegeräte), u.a.


Medical-technical expertise for more than 70 years

Founded by Hans Hirtz in 1945, the Cologne- based company Hirtz & Co. KG is run in the fourth generation by the Hirtz family.
Today, the company stands for expertise in medical technology sold under the brand name HICO Medical Systems. The product portfolio mainly focuses on Patient Temperature Management which will help hospitals to provide a better patient comfort
and an improved healing process. These hypoand hyperthermia devices combined with the multi-use water pads, allow user-friendly and efficient control of the patients‘ temperature – both in perioperative patient warming and in patient cooling, e.g. after resuscitation. Via surface contact with the radiolucent water pads the patient‘s desired body temperature can be precisely controlled. The intuitive and easy handling of our durable devices is highly appreciated by medical personal in leading hospitals around the globe.