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3B LASER NEEDLE 12 x 50 mW, 660 nm (red laser light) including:

  • Laser unit with 12 exchangeable waveguides and radio interface
  • Control Touch Pad with radio interface and 5 rechargeable NIMH batteries with Integrated charging electronics
  • Swivel support arm with table and wall mounting

The modern form of LASER NEEDLE therapy is the 3B LASER NEEDLE. It uses up to 12 laser needles to achieve an optimal therapy outcome. Using applicators, the laser needles are taped to the treatment points. Control and monitoring of the treatment via a mobile touch pad. The 3B LASER NEEDLE is used in acupuncture, orthopedic and sport medicine as well as to treat rheumatic and neurological conditions, in general medicine and pediatrics. All without the pain of a needle and entirely free of the danger of infection.

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