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Attractive form and high performance – this is how the flagship of the 3B LASER PEN series – the 3B LASER PEN 200 mW (808 nm, infrared) – can be described. With its 200 mW, it is 50 mW more powerful than its predecessor, which means treatment times are shortened, and the number of indications is even higher. You can set the treatment time or the dose, and the 3B LASER PEN 200 mW will calculate the rest automatically. This makes your everyday work easier. In addition to the pre-set frequencies (Nogier, Bahr, Reininger, Chakra), you can programme frequencies yourself quickly from 0.1 to 10,000 Hz, and then store these settings (20 storage locations). A practical charge station rounds off the features of the 3B LASER PEN 200 mW and makes it one of the forerunners of its class.

Product features:

  • Display for left and right-handed operators
  • Information on therapy time, laser performance, dose, frequency and charge status
  • Memory function for last values
  • Integrated point finder
  • Adjustable laser performance
  • Wavelenght 808nm, infrared laser light
  • CW laser beam
  • Nogier frequencies
  • Bahr and Chakra frequencies
  • Reininger frequencies
  • Programmable frequencies
  • The treatment time or dose can be set.

All lasers come complete with safety goggles for both, the therapist and patient, an acrylic stand and a charger in an aluminium case.

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