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Dedicated to multi-modality treatment of benign skull base tumors, Adaptive Hybrid Surgery helps to balance surgical risk with radiosurgical toxicity. Aggressive surgical interventions aiming at gross total resection have long been the standard treatment for most benign brain tumors, despite associated complications including disabling morbidity. Today more than half of all cranial benign growths are alleviated surgically using less aggressive approaches, requiring an adjuvant treatment such as stereotactic radiation to maximize tumor control. However there is no general consent in determining when a resection is sufficient and when follow-up radiosurgery treatment is safe. Striving to achieve the maximum safe surgical resection without any guidance or consent may cause morbidity and irreversible neurological damage. Adaptive Hybrid Surgery Analysis automatically calculates and visualizes SRS/RT treatment plans, offering the ability to combine the benefits of surgery with the benefits of radiosurgery:

  • On-the-fly feasibility analysis of adjuvant radiosurgery
  • Complete treatment workflow from planning to intraoperative decision making
  • Support of interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Upfront integration of radiosurgery avoiding late referrals and potentially restricted treatment options

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