Airo® Mobile Intraoperative CT

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Airo is a one-of-a-kind mobile intraoperative CT to overcome intraoperative imaging limitations and is designed to function inside existing O.R. suites. Airo boasts an ultra-small footprint, effectively eliminating the need for construction or custom build-outs*. A cohesive imaging, patient positioning and navigation solution, Airo is ideal for cranial, spine and trauma procedures, making it a highly versatile intraoperative imaging system. High CT image quality increases surgeon confidence and supports advanced minimally invasive surgery.

  • Extra-large bore size (107cm)
  • Extra-small footprint (1.5m²)
  • Extra-slim patented gantry design (30.5 x 38cm)
  • Fully integrated TRUMPF TruSystem 7500 surgical table system
  • O.R.-optimized patented air cooling system
  • Standard power connection (one phase 100-240V)

*Depending on local standards, expected utilization and structural conditions of the building

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