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Area9 Lyceum is committed to helping people reach their full potential. Our adaptive learning technology is grounded in scientific research and twenty-five years’ experience; serving over 30 million learners across hundreds of subject areas, gathering billions of data points.

What is adaptive learning with Area9?

  • An online delivery method that automatically adjusts to the needs of each learner
  • Recreates at scale the optimal teaching approach of a one-on-one personal tutor
  • Uses proven data analytics and intelligent technologies to adjust in real-time to deliver an optimal experience

Area9 Lyceum can help enable an adaptive learning experience through a range of tools and services.

Area9’s Rhapsode CURATOR™ is the world’s most advanced content curation platform.

Rhapsode PUBLISHER™ is a comprehensive fully integrated workflow and content development environment, supporting both print and digital content production.

Area9’s Rhapsode LEARNER™ is the personalized experience for employee, student or trainee. It applies science and technology to improve how and what is learned.

Area9 Rhapsode READER™ – Transform your existing content into multimedia-rich personalized learning with powerful learning measurement.

Area9’s Rhapsode EDUCATOR™ tool is the ideal way for managers and teachers to ensure employees, students or trainees become 21st Century Learners.

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