Automatic Brain Metastases Planning

Brainlab AG

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Automatic Brain Metastases Planning brings to market technology that consistently and rapidly generates radiosurgery plans for the efficient treatment of multiple metastases. Brainlab software consistently and rapidly generates plans for the efficient treatment of multiple metastases. The software automatically creates a volumetrically optimized radiosurgery plan in a matter of minutes after all metastases have been outlined, allowing the clinical user to focus on reviewing and approving the plan.

  • Offers automatic prescription selection based on tumor volume criteria
  • Different treatment options are possible based on a clinical paradigm selection—from single fraction radiosurgery to fractionated SRS or SRT
  • Automatically selects a group of metastases, but has the ability to unselect metastases that should not be treated under the automated single isocenter (i.e. easy clustering of regional subgroups)

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