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Leg press for testing and training the lower limbs in the closed kinetic chain.

The CON-TREX® LP leg press is a testing and training machine for the entire leg extensor and flexor chain. It can provide metered, measurable forces from a few N to 6000 N at speeds of up to 1 m/sec. Separate footplates allow unilateral training (on the left or right), bilateral training with both legs, or alternating mode. The adjustable footplate fixtures can be varied for selective testing and improvement of ankle joint stability. The backrest can be lowered right down into a horizontal position at any time.

The high level of precision of the metered, measurable forces and the exceptional properties of the motion monitor through the drive system produce an extremely versatile area of application on a minimum workspace of just 1.8 x 2.5 meters including the control module.

Due to the functional motion, the entire muscle chain of the lower limbs is strengthened, while the coordination is simultaneously improved and the joint stability increased. The optimally adjusted load and strain of the (atrophied) musculature beyond the entire radius of motion can bring about a very sharp increase in the muscle strength and a significant improvement to coordination. All of this occurs without any excessive strain on the joint, especially in physiologically awkward positions.

CON-TREX® LP facilitates working with all movement modes and load types: Isokinetic, isometric, isotonic, in continuous passive motion (CPM) and with freely definable position profiles.

In its ballistic mode, CON-TREX® has a one-of-a-kind controls system. Here, in order to compensate for the inertia of moving body parts, the expected motional development is calculated beforehand and the generated “inner strength” is continuously equalised. To this user, this means the following: the motion can be executed functionally, realistically and for longer at the desired target speed – particularly with minimal effort, at high motion speeds or when large body segments are being moved. CON-TREX® ballistic mode enables both isokinetic and isotonic work.

Another advantage is the active compensation for gravitational force during training and diagnosis. Patients with little strength are often unable to move individual segments of their bodies without assistance. This means that active compensation for these static weight influences is required. While the movement is being performed, the dynamometer can continuously reduce the external forces or even compensate for them completely; this produces a “gravity-free”’ situation for the patient where every movement can be performed with minimal expenditure of force.

CON-TREX® software also offers the option of merely measuring the forces acting on the movement, without active compensation. When evaluating data, the measured values can then be displayed as “gravity-corrected”.

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