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Health systems around the world are under enormous stress in their efforts to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic. In often overwhelmed health facilities, clinical staff need to take quick decisions to identify patients with respiratory symptoms who require isolation and treatment for Covid-19. acts as the interface which connects clinical staff with a powerful AI tool. This tool has

been trained on a database of thousands of chest X-rays vetted by academic institutions in various countries. It sports an intelligent algorithm to identify Covid-19 induced pneumonia with a confidence interval of over 90 percent. The database and the algorithm are open source and therefore do not require license payments.

The tool enables a rapid first analysis to support the physician’s final diagnosis. Both analog and digital images have been successfully field-tested for use with the tool., offered jointly by EPOS and the myCare2x network, comes with a basic electronic medical record (EMR) based on the widely embraced open-source myCare2X system, suitable for a range of care providers – from primary health facilities up to university hospitals. This cost-effective solution can integrate further modalities, such as e.g. patient information from laboratories; it also integrates into most legacy hospital management information systems. Images in DICOM format as well as photographs of X-ray films can serve as input. Conformity with international interoperability standards makes this solution vendor-independent.


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