Cassini – Anal manometry & EMG

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Today the determination of the relevant pressure ratio at the anal sphincter is part of the standard diagnostics for proctology and rectum surgery. For this purpose, the Cassini system provides a fast, ergonomical and reliable solution with outstanding price-performance ratio.

In contrast to digital examinations the Cassini guarantees reproducible results, which can be documented via printout or can be recorded in conjunction with an optional database. For preoperative respectively postoperative screening this type of documentation becomes more and more standard.

Beneath it’s manometry function the Cassini allows the recording of electromyographic potentials to get an overall picture of the neuromuscular environment and its interdependencies.


  • ready for operation within a few minutes
  • mobile and portable design (removable stand)
  • easy to use
  • high-resolution touchscreen monitor
  • precise, digital measuring system

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