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The basic product for venipuncture from our sister company Kimetec.

CBC SLINGCROSS® single-use tourniquet improves patient hygiene.

  • Single use protects against the transmissions of germs and prevents cross-contamination
  • reduces the risk of hospital-aquired infections such as MRSA
  • fosters hygiene standards for the medical staff
  • no complex cleaning or disinfection of the tourniquet
  • Particularly suitable for patients in isolation!
  • The velvety soft fleece is gentle on the skin.
  • Wide strap (35 mm) prevents lacing and constricting of the skin.
  • best comfort for patients
  • Intuitive application.
  • Micro-velcro® allows easy closing and opening.
  • Micro-velcroed® strip attaches securely to any stretch of the strap.
  • Slow crompressing and re-tightening possible at any time.
  • Also usable as compress after venipuncture.
  • Free from latex, silicone and plasticiser.
  • Heat and humidity does not affect durability.
  • Compression force of approx. 1,5 kg (15N) ensures occlusion of approx. 20 mmHg.
  • Particularly low weight: 2g/pc.
  • Elastic: 3,5 cm wide, 65 cm long

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