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Mobile Clinics-Health Care Vehicles

A wide range of diagnosis and care systems in the Modular-Shelter can also be used as an interim replacement for permanent medical facilities and to bypass bottlenecks (e.g. during construction work), and also to increase capacity in the event of internal system breakdowns. The Shelter are equipped in ZMS standard configuration or according to customer requirements. Alternatively, the shelter are prepared to install the customer equipment.

They can provide anything from a temporary operating theatre with intensive care unit, a specialist practice or a full, along with imaging services such as X-ray or CT scanning. All with the quality of equivalent facilities in a permanent building.


Operation theatre
In terms of the basic requirements for clean-air modules – sterility, airfiltration and gas supply –, the operation theatre does not differ from stationary operation rooms and therefore meets the highest technical and medical requirements.

Computed Tomography
Separate rooms for the CT scan and the control rooms ensure safe operation. The exterior walls of shelter and control room are leadshielded by means of a special sandwichwall-structure up to 4 mm.

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