deltaclima® SMART

Product Keywords

Energy-efficient, ready to plug and flexible. Simply clever.
The compact cooling unit with direct free cooling.

Smart Cooling in a Small Space
Our compact cooling unit deltaclima® SMART offers an extremely flexible, energy-efficient and space-saving system which optimally meets with the stated requirements and – at the same time – persuades with maximum economy, both with purchase and operating costs.
With a variable capacity of 4 – 14 kW each unit with the possibility to be extended to any scalable total capacity, deltaclima® SMART is the perfect solution in various application ranges. At the same time the installation with the construction ready to plug is extremely simple and permits a very high flexibility. Find out the most clever way to provide a good climate – by the application of the deltaclima® SMART!

deltaclima® SMART – Advantages at a glance:

  • Extremely energy-efficient
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Simple installation and commissioning
  • Construction ready to plug
  • Automatic activation of the energy-saving mode of operation
  • Air supply via false floor or directly from the unit
  • Cooling capacity up to 14 kW each unit
  • Possibility of space-saving scaling
  • Active fresh air and circulating air cooling

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