Modular Clinics


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Mobile Clinics-Health Care Vehicles

The Modular Clinics are deployable, wherever primary medical care is needed. The basic versions can be expanded modularly and supplemented by additional capacities or medical specialties.The medical diagnosis and treatment units are designed in customer specific versions or standard ZMS configuration. They are based on the special ZEPPELIN Modular Shelter. The shelter offers the working environment of a stationary hospital. ZEPPELIN Modular Shelter can be fitted with any type of medical equipment, as available in stationary hospitals. The equipment is specifically tailored to meet the high demands of modern medicine.

Basic configurations are, for example:

The Mother-Child-Clinic covers all medical requirements for a comprehensive care of mother and child: Examination area, Ultrasound, Operating theatre, Obstetrics.

Ophthalmology and dental clinic
Depending on the requirement various stages of eye treatment – from simple examinations to ambulant eye surgery (e.g. cataracts) – can be performed in the ophthalmology clinic. The dental clinic is equipped with a multifunctional dentist’s chair as well as an integrated vacuum system and compressor. Optionally, intraoral X-ray and OPT (oral pathology) can be integrated.

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