ERKA Green Cuff – Reusables Superb, smart and soft

ERKA. Kallmeyer Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG

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Superb because all ERKA Green Cuff products are PVC and latex-free, every one is individually tested prior to delivery and we guarantee 50,000 inflation cycles. Smart because all ERKA Green Cuff products are equipped with clearly marked size and positioning features for the most accurate possible measurements. Soft because the supple, easy to disinfect, biocompatible materials ensure maximum patient comfort.

Thanks to the implementation of the international ANSI/AAMI SP10 standard, ERKA offers blood pressure measurement cuffs in 6 sizes: 10-15 cm | 14- 21.5 cm | 20.5-28 cm | 27-35 cm | 34-43 cm | 42-54 cm.

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