Flexion-port – high capable variable height support arms

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Hospital-General Supplies-Infrastructure, Imaging Equipment, Infusion Equipment-Devices, Intensive Care-Equipment-Devices

flexion-port – the variable height support arm flexion-port has – due to its multifaceted compatibility – widespread use with a variety of monitor mounts and connection options as well as for mobile and stationary applications. The state of the art gas pressure springs ensure a high level of operating comfort and reliability. An additional highlight of this product is the unique positioning technology. The user in essence has no longer to fix the desired position of the support arm with clamps. Once aligned with the weight of the attached device, the arm remains in any given desired position, thus enabling a flexible design of the workplace.
flexion-port is available in three standard lengths (300, 400 and 600 mm). The height-adjustable support arm can be mounted on an additional swivel arm, in case additional reach is required.
In addition, the flexion-port can be – thanks to a wide selection of decorative paints and accessories– technically configured to complement any application both in terms of design as well as functionally.
Application areas: intensive care unit, operating theatre, patient monitoring, video endoscopy towers, ceiling supply channels

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