Introcan Safety®

B. Braun SE

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Introcan Safety® non-ported shielded IV catheter

  • Introcan Safety® non-ported shielded IV catheter
  • Self-activating protection against needlestick injuries and related infections
  • Easy puncture at a wide range of angles due to optimized back cut bevel
  • IV catheter material available in Polyurethane and FEP
  • Ergonomic product design for one-handed insertion
  • Sharp backcut bevel for minimal puncture trauma
  • Transparent catheter segments provide confirmation of successful catheter placement when withdrawing the needle
  • Latex-free, PVC-free
  • Acc. ISO-Standard 10.555-1/5


  • Self-activating clip technology. No user activation required
  • Eliminates risk of inadvertent activation
  • Safety mechanism cannot be bypassed
  • Safety clip covers needle tip immediately after use
  • Same puncture technique as with convential IV catheters

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