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The segmentation of objects is usually the most time-consuming step when using CMF planning software. With the unique Automatic Atlas Segmentation, Brainlab is able to reduce this effort to a minimum with iPlan CMF planning software. iPlan CMF Planning Software offers unique functionalities for complex planning of mid-facial reconstructions and tumor removal. In virtual preoperative CMF planning, correct alignment of the dataset is the first critical step. Non-aligned DICOM data is loaded into iPlan CMF and aligned according to predefined planes which serve as mirroring planes during the CMF planning process.

  • Easy alignment of DICOM datasets
  • Atlas-based Automatic Segmentation
  • Mirroring templates for unilateral defects
  • Import and export of STL data
  • All objects from iPlan can be transferred to the navigation system without loss of information
  • Easy acquisition and fusion of intraoperative data with navigation software

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