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To achieve the greatest possible benefit of radiological services in an overall medical context, image data must be available quickly and specifically. Therefore, in addition to basic functions for interpretation, the JiveXEnterprise PACS also includes components which optimize the workflow across departments and institutions.JiveX is characterized by a high level of interoperability, scalability, user-friendliness, and performance. JiveX ensures that all persons involved are always informed comprehensively and quickly -from the specialist physician to the referring physician to the patient.

Four pillars of modern image data management

Medical Integration
DICOM and non-DICOM data can be consolidated and provided by one system with JiveX Medical Integration functionality.
Medical Viewing
The JiveX Viewer, with its intuitive and customizableinterface, is used for the process-optimized interpretation and viewing of radiological image data.
Medical Sharing
The JiveX Medical Sharing functions allow simple sharing and communication of medical data.
Medical Archiving
The JiveX Medical Archiving enables secure management and archiving of radiological data.

JiveX PACS advantages at a glance

  • Non-proprietaryintegration via industry standards
  • Numerous opportunities for networking scenarios and interdisciplinary activities
  • Functional depth and variety forreliable response to diagnostic tasks
  • User-friendly through a high degree of customizability
  • Modern ways of working through mobility
  • Perfectly adjusted to the radiological workflow

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