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The JiveX Healthcare Content Management System (HCM) offers a tailor-made solution to display and communicate medical data in a structured way–independent of the location. Thereby the system can be individually adapted to different user groups and use cases.For this purpose, JiveX HCM provides all components to integrate, process, archive, and distribute medical data holistically within onesystem.Due to itshigh integration capability with other primary systems, such as the HIS, a seamless communication cycle is created, which increases the quality of patient care and at the same time optimizes efficiency in healthcare facilities. JiveX Healthcare Content Management provides a consolidated database, which is necessary for the networking of medical systems.

Four pillars of the JiveX HCM

Medical Integration
With the JiveX integration functions, data can be integrated into the HCM, irrespective of the original format.
Medical Viewing
The JiveX Viewer allows all medical data to be displayed on a case-or patient-related basis at a glance.
Medical Sharing
The Medical Sharing functions allow simple sharing and communication of medical data
Medical Archiving
JiveX Medical Archiving enables non-proprietary, audit-proof storage of all medical data.

JiveX HCM advantages at a glance

  • Secure consolidation of all medical data
  • Record keeping which is standard-compliant (DICOM, PDF/A, HL7, CDA)
  • All medical information at a glance
  • Intelligent tools for data management
  • Representation of all medical data at case or patient level
  • Vendor neutral archiving
  • Cross-facility communication via IHE-XDS
  • Developed to meet medical requirements and processes in healthcare facilities

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