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Lecturio provides learning and education tools for medical students, nurses, physician assistants and community health workers. We offer a wide range of medical and health education from full medical school curriculums (6.500+ learning videos) to support of disaster and relief efforts related to Covid19, Aids, malaria or tuberculosis. Our high-quality digital medical education resource is affordable, adaptive, personalized and proven effective by learning science. Over a million users – students, professionals and lecturers – in 175 countries are already using the Lecturio platform – let it be in Somaliland, Indonesia, the US, or Germany. Lecturio’s team is made up of people with diverse backgrounds and more than 250 physicians, including educators from medical schools such as Harvard University, Johns Hopkins, and University College London, to ensure didactic quality of all content. The production and quality management have its base in Leipzig/Germany.

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