lf-port – height variable support arms for smaller loads

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Hospital-General Supplies-Infrastructure, Imaging Equipment, Infusion Equipment-Devices, Intensive Care-Equipment-Devices

The lf-port is the new height-adjustable support arm for use in the medical environment and therapy equipment. Its variety of adaptation options means that it is quickly ready for use, whether mounted on the wall or on equipment carts. It is elegant in appearance and incorporates reliable technology. Operators can adjust the lf-port, both vertically and horizontally, to any position required, where it will remain stable without any additional fixing being necessary.
The cable management system offers simple and secure connection of the device to both power and data supplies, ensuring cables are neatly routed inside the cable ducts. The height-adjustable support arm is extremely agile and easy to operate. It can be adjusted horizontally +/- 90° and is vertically height-adjustable +/- 50°, offering a broad range of positioning possibilities for your devices. In total, the lf-port can take loads of up to 8 kg and is particularly suitable for the mounting of monitors and electrical devices.

Application areas: intensive care unit, operating theatre, patient monitoring, anaesthesia devices, control systems, ceiling supply channels

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