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The LOQTEQ® Distal Fibula Plates 3.5 have been designed to securely retain the anatomic reduction of distal fibula fractures which is essential to maintain the function of the upper ankle joint.
With higher weight bearing, particularly in connection with the decreasing bone quality in elderly people, the locking fibula plate gains advantage over the conventional use of 1/3 tubular plates or compression screws.

The LOQTEQ® Distal Fibula Plates 3.5 are anatomically contoured and can be used as an alignment guide in fracture treatment. Fractures of the ankle joint and the distal fibula are common, with the fibula being of vital importance for the stability in the upper ankle joint. Converging screws through the distal plate holes offer optimal fixation to the bone.
Anatomical design and low profile increase comfort for both user and patient:
• intra-operative contouring is rarely needed which enhances application
• reduces symptoms or pain due to soft tissue irritations in the area of the implant following the surgery.

Field of Use:
The LOQTEQ® Distal Fibula Plates 3.5 can address intra- and extra-articular fractures, non-unions and osteotomies of the distal fibula, especially in osteoporotic bone.
Detailed information on the indications for individual plates can be found in the IFU and in the surgical technique.

The LOQTEQ® Distal Fibula Plates 3.5 are available in a left and right version, and in the lengths of 75 mm to 159 mm each. A modular plate set, combined with medial and anterolateral distal tibia plates, contains 3, 4 and 6 hole plates. Further, a special fibula set with additional 8 and 10 hole plates can be ordered. Both plate sets are used with the LOQTEQ® Small Fragment Set (instruments and screws).

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