LOQTEQ® Plating System

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State-of-the-art locked plating systems allow anatomical reduction with permanent retention in accordance with the fixateur interne principle.

aap`s portfolio represents the gold standard in fracture treatment, particularly in cases with reduced bone quality and in the stabilization of comminuted fractures.


  • Fracture compression and angular stability in one surgical step
  • High stability through the combination of two fixation principles
  • Easy explantation – no cold welding*
  • Anatomical design with optimized fit and predetermined screw angles for improved fracture fixation
  • Locking & compression holes in plate shaft
  • Minor Contact undercuts for minimized contact to the bone to preserve periosteal blood supply
  • Polished surface to reduce the bone ingrowth
  • K-wire holes for preliminary fixation
  • Oblong holes to adjust the placement of the plate
  • Tapered plate shaft for subcutaneous insertion

*Please refer to biomechanical study „Locking design affects the jamming of screws in locking plates”, Injury, Int. J. Care Injured 49S1 (2018) S61–S65.

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