LOQTEQ® – Small Fragment Set 3.5

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The LOQTEQ® Small Fragment Set 3.5 is the basic component of a modular system that allows for the application of all straight and anatomical LOQTEQ® Plates 3.5.
The basic set includes straight compression plates, reconstruction plates and 1/3 tubular plates.

The LOQTEQ® Straight Plate 3.5 offers the option of locking and compression with one screw in one plate hole. Reconstruction plates and 1/3 tubular plates 3.5 are designed to be easily adapted to the patient anatomy and are used with locking screws (blue).
All plates can be used with locking or standard screws. All cortical screws are self-tapping. The range of lengths is adapted to the different anatomical regions.
Smart instruments for locking compression, color-coded implants and instruments and self-holding screw drivers are designed to improve the efficiency in the operation room.

Field of Use:
The LOQTEQ® Straight Plates 3.5 can be used for several indications, e.g. diaphyseal fractures of the radius and ulna.
LOQTEQ® 1/3 Tubular Plates 3.5 are particularly indicated in fractures of the fibula.
Detailed information on the indications for individual plates can be found in the IFU.

The LOQTEQ® Anatomical Plating System 3.5 is build in a modular fashion with the Small Fragment Set as the basic component for the application of other anatomical plates.
All plates have locking capability as well as the standard screw option. The straight plates can be used with LOQTEQ® locking compression technology and allow for fracture gap compression up to 2 mm. Implants and instruments are supplied non-sterile and sterile.

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