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The Distal Lateral Femur Plate PP (periprosthetic) is part of the LOQTEQ® Anatomical Plating System and featuring a new technology for anchorting the plate around an intra-medullar implant.
Special hinges can be attached to various cutouts along the plate, increasing both the flexibility of application and the stability in the treatment of periprosthetic fractures.

The LOQTEQ® Distal Lateral Femur Plate 4.5 has been optimized for periprosthetic (PP) fracture treatment by adding lateral cutouts to accommodate hinges. Essential factors have been the excellent anatomical fit and the proven surgery technique, including minimal invasive application. The hinges, specifically developed for treating such fractures, can be fixed at several points along the plate, distally and proximally. They remain moveable in 45° range and are anchored in the bone with 3.5 mm variable locking screws in a 30° cone. Thus, various anatomies can be adapted and the plate fixed securely around prosthesis or nail. The set is completed by cerclage buttons for cable or wire cerclages.

Field of Use:
The LOQTEQ® Distal Lateral Femur Plate 4.5 PP in connection with the hinges can be particularly used for optimum treatment of periprosthetic fractures in the distal or shaft part of the femur, especially in osteoporotic bone.
Detailed information on the indications can be reviewed in the IFU and the surgical technique. LOQTEQ_VA_Distal_Lateral_Femur_Plate_PP

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