LOQTEQ® VA – Multidirectional Distal Radius System 2.5

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The LOQTEQ® VA Distal Radius System 2.5 was developed for treating fractures of the distal radius and distal ulna.
Fractures of the distal radius account for approximately one quarter of all fractures with rising figures due to diminishing bone quality and increasing life expectancy. Economic challenges as well as the ever-growing demands of patients require early treatment and mobilization with permanent retention of the reduction result. As a consequence, locked plating has become the preferred standard procedure for instable and dislocated radius fractures.
The dedicated choice of anatomically pre-shaped and small locking plates featuring variable screw angles is complemented by easy-to-use instruments and thus fulfills the requirements of both modern fracture management and patient comfort.

As the majority of radius fractures are treated through a palmar access, all volar plates in the LOQTEQ® VA Distal Radius System 2.5 are adapted to the anatomy of the distal radius in the best possible way. Therefore, plate application is enhanced as intra-operative contouring is redundant. If needed, the low profile, as a common feature of all radius plates, facilitates bending of the small plates in the set, designed for dorsal application as well as treating the distal ulna.
Multidirectional screws can be inserted at an angle of ±15° around the central axis in the plate hole (0° angle) to address almost any fracture pattern.

Field of Use:
The LOQTEQ® VA Distal Radius System 2.5 has been designed for treatment of extra- and intra articular fractures, osteotomies and non-unions of the distal radius and distal ulna.
Detailed information on the indications for individual plates can be found in the IFU and in the surgical technique.

The fracture set LOQTEQ® VA Distal Radius 2.5 combines volar plates in 2 widths and 3 lengths as well as an extra-long version. Small and ulnar plates are included or need to be ordered separately. The set will be completed by a frame plate for dorsal application short term. The consistent screw diameter of 2.5 mm in the sets provides ease of use and improved efficiency. The related instruments are straightforward and user friendly designed.

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