medifa H!Light operating light

medifa healthcare group GmbH

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Operating Theatre-Equipment

The medifa H!Light operating light combines innovative lighting technology with high functionality and an user-friendly control concept.

  • Light intensity: 160,000 lux
  • OR adapted colour rendering: Colour temperature changable: 3000 K to 5500 K.
  • Large, homogeneous surface illumination with light field sizes from 18 – 32 cm.
  • Easy adjustability
  • One universal handle holder for handles and all cameras (4K and HD), tool-free change possible.
  • Sterile control at the multifunction handle
  • Lightweight construction (aluminium housing)
  • Ideal cleaning and disinfection conditions
  • Sustainable energy efficiency with minimal warming
  • Long lifespan
  • Endoscopy mode
  • Optional with HD or 4K wireless camera

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