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Mobile Clinics-Health Care Vehicles

ZEPPELIN Clinic Systems are self-sufficiently operating medical care systems. They are available in 20‘ Master-Shelter. They can be fitted with almost any type of medical care equipment, as available in stationary hospitals or specialist practices: General medicine, Emergency physicians, Dentist, Ophthalmologist, Gynecologists, ENT Specialists, Laboratory doctors, Pneumologists, Orthopedists, Occupational Medicine, Radiology, Stroke Unit. Both the equipment and the layout of the Mobile Clinics are adapted precisely to customer requirements. With their own power supply, water supply and disposal, air conditioning, and of course, equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology, ZEPPELIN Mobile Clinics can be used anywhere and are highly multifunctional.

Mobile Clinic 1:1
On 12 m² of working space, the fully equipped specialist practices in the Master-Shelter provide the highest level of room quality and versatility.

Mobile Clinic 2:1
On a surface of 18 m², the single-side extendable Master-Shelter offers space for up to two specialist practices.

Mobile Clinic 3:1
On a surface of 27 m², the double-side extendable Master-Shelter offers space for up to two specialist practices or one complex system, such as an operating room.

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