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medifa 8000

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The medifa 8000 and medifa 8000 hybrid are special mobile imaging operating tables with a unique table top which is completely made of carbon fibre. That means that even the standard rails are made of carbon fibre. For that reason, additional accessories for different medical applications can be attached to the table top without losing imaging quality due to disturbing metal artefacts.

medifa 8000

With the help of the mobile imaging operating table medifa 8000, intraoperative imaging equipment can be used in a particularly patient- and user-friendly way. The very flat carbon table top enables a high degree of imaging transparency with a low radiation dose. In particular, the slightly curved shape significantly reduces the required radiation dose in the lateral beam path. Integrated carbon guide rails at the sides as well as at the head and foot end allow unrestricted radiolucency (360°) of the table top of up to 130 cm. The slim table column and flat base enable optimal positioning of imaging equipment. The table top can be moved horizontally (up to 30 cm) and vertically (up to 18 cm) using a joystick.

medifa 8000 hybrid

The next-generation medifa 8000 hybrid mobile imaging operating table is “hybrid” in more than one way. It can be controlled hybrid, free-floating or electrically in all directions (horizontally up to 90 cm, vertically up to 20 cm). It is also a flexible and efficient solution for mobile hybrid operating theatres. The technology is not permanently installed in an operating theatre, but is used exactly where it is needed, according to the patient’s needs. The flat carbon table top with integrated Cabon standard rails ensures very good fluoroscopy properties with a low radiation dose, which means that imaging equipment can be used in a particularly patient- and user-friendly way. An SDC-standard interface enables communication with external imaging devices.

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