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Mobile Clinics-Health Care Vehicles

The Mobile Rescue Systems are primarily operated on the vehicle; with the optionally available lifting supports, however, the shelter can be lowered to the ground without the requirement of additional equipment or means. ZEPPELIN Rescue Systems can be put into operation on all truck chassis with 20‘ container frame. Depending on the Rescue System, the individual shelters are connected to each other by means of special connecting shelters or corridors. Wherever immediate reaction to medical emergencies is required, the modular designed ZEPPELIN Rescue Systems ensure professional and safe medical care. Different medical configurations are realized depending on the required set-up.

Life-sustaining measures are introduced in the Rescue Station – usually one truck plus one tent. Primary emergency medical treatments include shock treatment, respiration and stopping bleeding.

The Rescue Center is the extension stage of the Rescue Station and offers additional possibilities for diagnostics and emergency-surgical treatment. Depending on the configuration, the Rescue Center is equipped with Triage, X-ray, Operating Room and Intensive Care Station, so that patients can be sustainably stabilized for transport to further treatment after the emergency treatment.

Within the ZEPPELIN Rescue Systems, the Rescue Clinic offers additional diagnostic areas as well as an emergency room. Operations that go beyond emergency interventions to sustain life are possible. Depending on the configuration, specialist routine examinations and treatments (such as for dental, ear/nose/throat, eyes, etc.) can be performed in the accompanying polyclinic

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