Nutricomp® Energy HP

B. Braun SE

Product Keywords

Enteral nutrition high in energy and protein


  • High caloric, nutritionally complete dietary food, enriched with fish oil, for special medical purposes
  • Can be used for sip or tube feeding
  • For the dietary management of malnutrition

Additional Information

Plastic bottle 500 ml (neutral)
Bag 500 ml (neutral)
Bag 1000 ml (neutral)
Glass bottle, 500 ml (neutral)
(may differ from country to country)


  • Caloric density: 1 ml = 1.5 kcal
  • High biologic value protein from different protein sources (e.g. casein and soy)
  • Balanced fatty acid profile froma combination of rape seedoil, MCT and fish oil
  • Carbohydrate composition from maltodextrin to provide a rapid and easily available energy source
  • Gluten, and cholesterol free, strictly low in lactose and purine
  • Caloric distribution (% kcal protein : fat : carbohydrates : fiber)= 20 : 30 : 50 : 0
  • Osmolality: 450 mosmol/kg
  • Osmolarity: 345 mosmol/l

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