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The Infinity® Acute Care System lets your staff effectively monitor patients on a multi-parameter monitor that is integrated with its networked medical-grade workstation. It gives them real-time vital signs and access to clinical hospital systems and data management applications for a comprehensive range of patient information and powerful analysis tools at the point-of-care.

This monitoring system includes:

  • Infinity® M540 – A multi-parameter monitor that displays real-time patient data and moves seamlessly from bedside to transport without interrupting patient monitoring and no loss of parameters. During transport, the monitor transmits patient data wirelessly to the monitoring network. Once docked, it retrieves recorded data, including up to 96 hours of continuous treads from the previous medical cockpit and backfills the present cockpit with data collected during transport.
  • Infinity® Medical Cockpit – A medical-grade display that is available in two sizes. The cockpit displays measured parameters generated by the Infinity M540 monitor along with data from networked applications and hospital systems.
  • Infinity® M500 – A docking station that stores care area profile settings for the M540 monitor and charges the monitor’s internal battery for patient transport.
  • Infinity® P2500 – The networking hub and power supply for the Infinity M540 monitor and medical cockpit.

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