Pro-cart – with a strong electrification and cable management concept

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Diagnostic-Equipment-Instruments-Devices, Endoscopy, Image Guided Surgery/ Navigation Technology, Laser Equipment-Devices, Medical Technology and Electromedical Equipment, Ophthalmology-Equipment-Instruments-Commodities, Ultrasound Equipment-Devices

The pro-cart mobile cart has a technically innovative and elegant design. The basic frame of this single-column cart carries a high load of up to 80kg / 176 lbs and its availability in different installation heights makes countless variations possible. The unique support column of the pro-</strong>cart offers various advantages. It allows separate routing of data and power cables and can even be equipped with an electric height adjustment mechanism. The column comes with rubber edges and a cover cap which allows for quick access to the cable and orderly cable management. The support column can also be locked so that the cables also remain protected from unauthorised access.

The pro-cart can be optionally equipped with a powerful isolating transformer (up to 1200 VA), making it the right choice for many medical applications.

Application areas: endoscopy, ultrasound diagnostic, laser devices, anaesthesia devices, cardiology, ECG- and EEG devices.

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