PROTEC Worklist Server


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The PROTEC Worklist Server communicates during the planning of patient examinations between the
patient information systems and the modalities, which should carry out the examination.
In addition to HL7 linked systems such as hospital information systems (HIS) or radiology information
systems (RIS), the patient information systems can also be patient administration systems, which are
connected via GDT/BDT. It does not matter how many information systems simultaneously provide the
PROTEC Worklist Server with examination data.
The received examination data are stored by the PROTEC Worklist Server and transferred to the
connected DICOM compatible modalities such as ultrasound, digital X-ray or MRI. During this process
extensive filter criteria are available, so that the single modality only receives the examinations, which
are intended for it. While doing so, it does not matter how many modalities are provided with
examination data by the PROTEC Worklist Server.

• Efficient and flexible interface between patient information systems (HIS, RIS, patient administration system) and the modalities
• Import of examination data via GDT/BDT and HL7 interface
• Flexible configuration option for adjusting all connected systems
• DICOM 3.0 compability
• Operation as Windows service in the background possible

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