PRS 300 VET Touch


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Mobile X-ray system with floating table top

  • Excellent image quality within seconds
  • Intuitive use
  • Full power and full mobility
  • Space-saving, easy installation thanks to intelligent construction

The full digital PRS 300 VET TOUCH is a completely easy to control X-Ray working place with high performance. It’s perfectly fitted for stationary veterinary use (veterinary surgeries, clinics) and also for mobile use thanks to the removable hand generator. The system comes either with a connected mobile X-ray generator which also allows a mobile workflow, thus covers the performance spectrum of all veterinary exposures or it comes with a stationary powerful 32 kW generator. The system includes a mobile hand generator – this together with the RAPIXX WiFi detector in cassette format offers the optimum of mobility and flexibility. The generator is adopted to the X-ray arm and can, if needed, be removed by losing only one handscrew, by doing this it can be used in stables or in free terrain. Different hand generators can be used like, 2,4 kW, 3,2 kW or even 5 kW. If mobile X-rays aren’t needed, the system can be upgraded to a powerful 32 kW generator.

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