REF 301 TRACOE twist Tracheostomy Tube with Low Pressure Cuff

TRACOE medical GmbH

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In sterile package. – Outer cannula with cuff, – 2 inner cannulas with 15 mm connector, – Perforated obturator and wide neck strap
HIGH ACCEPTANCE  TRACOE twist tubes are made of polyurethane, so that they are well-tolerated by patients. They are radiopaque and come in sterile packages.

MAXIMUM MOBILITY  TRACOE twist tubes have thin walls, which ensure maximum air flow. One additional feature of TRACOE twist is the anatomically shaped neck flange that moves around two axes: vertically and horizontally. This allows patients to turn their head and neck freely without the tube exerting pressure on the trachea. The neck strap can easily be attached while the tube is in situ.  The material of the low pressure cuff is soft and flexible and ensures a good sealing of the trachea with accurate cuff pressure management.

MAXIMUM COST-EFFECTIVENESS  TRACOE twist tubes were originally developed primarily for clinical use: for ENT surgery or for mechanical ventilation in intensive care. However, they are now increasingly used by patients at home as well. Your investment is enhanced by a broad range of replacement parts and accessories.

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