REF 450 TRACOE vario Tracheostomy Tube, Spiral-Reinforced, with Adjustable Neck Flange and Low Pressure Cuff

TRACOE medical GmbH

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In sterile package. – Cannula with 15 mm connector, spiral-reinforced, with cuff and scale, – Obturator and wide neck strap

PATENTED  TRACOE vario … the soft, flexible tube with patented, variably adjustable neck flange. By means of a practical pressure mechanism, the neck flange can be moved and, thus, be adjusted individually to any patient.  This technique improves the safety, since the flange is fixed immediately after the release. Since no screw top is used, no pressure of any kind will be exerted on the trachea. A scale ensures the exact adjustment.  VARIABLY ADJUSTABLE  There are also flexible wings on the flange that can be rotated independently of one another, depending on need. This provides additional possibilities for meeting the unique anatomical requirements of each patient.  ANATOMICALLY CORRECT ADJUSTMENT  TRACOE vario comes in six different versions: reinforced with a metal spiral or made of clear, nonreinforced plastic (with an X-ray contrast line), and each of these two types is available with or without a low pressure cuff. Tubes with special features are the extra-long TRACOE vario XL with metal spiral and low pressure cuff, and TRACOE vario extract in clear plastic, with low pressure cuff and subglottal suction line.

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