S-CAPE® Prime OR integration solution

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Health care providers are increasingly seeing the importance of digital OR integration solutions that can increase OR efficiency without disrupting the surgical workflow or compromising patient safety and sterility standards.

Integrating the information flow in the OR into an efficient and reliable information system is essential in facilitating procedures and improve patient outcome. High-tech medical devices such as endoscopes, C-arms and ultrasound need to be integrated into a common information system. This requires overcoming the challenges in integrating medical devices from different vendors.
The OR team also needs to be able to efficiently access preoperative examinations, patient journals and other clinical data. This requires connecting HIS and PACS/RIS to the OR so that information can be easily downloaded to the OR.

In order to further develop surgical procedures, improve on work-flow efficiency and ultimately secure patient outcome the OR team need to have access to efficient documentation solutions. The documentation solutions need to allow for easy to use recording, image processing and archiving of live feed from multiple devices. Also the OR team need to be able to upload documentation to the hospital information systems for future reference.

Communication solutions are required to enable real-time access to expertise outside the OR. Teleconferencing and streaming solutions are needed to facilitate educational requirements.
The new S-CAPE Prime OR Integration Solution is developed to meet the requirements of an efficient OR. Prime OR enables an efficient flow of clinical content and patient information within as well as outside the OR. It is a powerful integration engine providing a high level of clinical detail at the fingertips of the surgical team.

Prime OR is a modular and scalable digital integration platform that can be tailored to specific procedural requirements as well as requirements of the individual OR team. The modular design of hardware as well as software makes it possible to add functionality as requirements develop.
S-CAPE is prepared to interface with any information system or medical device in the OR irrespective of make or brand. We do not manufacture own medical devices and have therefore no preference for any specific device vendor. Having a vendor-neutral digital OR platform is a future-proof investment that will reduce expenditures if you decide to change or add to your current set up of medical devices.

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