SaneoSPORT – Muscle Training by electrical muscle stimulation (EMS)

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The muscle stimulation device SaneoSPORT effectively supports targeted muscle building! Whether on the couch while watching TV, during a walk or while reading – the EMS Training is possible on the aside in almost any situation and therefore provides an ideal, time-saving addition to a personal workout. In other words, with SaneoSPORT the extent and the intensity of the workout can be significantly increased.

There is absolutely no physical exhaustion and stress on the joints during EMS training with SaneoSPORT. It generates artificial stimulation of the muscle by means of low-frequency electrical pulses that stimulate the nerves located beneath the skin, which in turn activate the corresponding muscle groups.

The best effect with SaneoSPORT is achieved when the electrical stimulation is supported by random muscle contraction and relaxation.


  • supports Muscle growth/ strengthening around the chest, arms (biceps, triceps) and legs
  • 20 programs (2 with individual settings)
  • 2 separately adjustable channels
  • 8 self-adhesive, reusable electrodes

(50 x 50 mm, 50 x 90 mm, 4 pieces each) easy-to-use

  • belt clip
  • large display & timer function
  • certified medical product

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