Sterile goods trolley, closed

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Hospital-General Supplies-Infrastructure, Laboratory-Equipment

Sterile goods trolley, closed

Made from high strength, corrosion resistant aluminium alloy, anodised.
Torsion-resistant body, detachable triple hinged doors. Peripheral gasket.
Smooth running chassis with 2 swivel castors and 2 fixed castors, 2 vertically aligned handles on
each side. Chromium-nickel steel 18/10, material 1.4301
Storage drawers infinitely height adjustable in 1/2 StU.
Electrolytically polished.
Security lock and drawbar optionally available.

Designation: Sterile goods trolley 6 StU
Dimensions: 950 x 690 x 1.450 mm
Product No.: 22.216.1032

Designation: Sterile goods trolley 9 StU
Dimensions: 1230 x 690 x 1.485 mm
Product No.: 22.216.1030


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