Stimuplex® D Plus – For ultrasound guided PNB

B. Braun SE

Product Keywords

Ultrasound Equipment-Devices
  • Patented surface modification of the needle shaft provides enhanced reflexion pattern under sonography
  • Brilliant visibility of needle tip and shaft improves precise injection of drug close to the nerve
  • White electric insulation up to the tip of the bevel for nerve stimulation guidance (Principle of Dual Guidance)
  • 15° and 30° bevel configuration and 1 1/3” to 4 ¾” length available
  • Length markings every cm on the needle for a safer advancing
  • New ergonomic hub for maximum tactility
  • Non-cutting atraumatic needle tip
  • For use with B. Braun nerve stimulators Stimuplex® Dig RC, Stimuplex® HNS 11 and HNS 12

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