Tactical Casualty Care Simulator (TCCS)

3B Scientific GmbH

Product Keywords

Ambulance-Emergencies, Educational-Training-Equipment-Service Solutions

The Tactical Casualty Care Simulation Suite is a suite of lifelike and anatomically accurate, high fidelity, male and female simulators for comprehensive TCCC and medical provider level care training.

Featuring lifelike tissue and high anatomic fidelity, the TCCS and TCCS Plus lines of simulators are highly ruggedized, water-resistant and fully mobile. With over 10+ hours of battery life they are ideally suited for challenging, real-world, indoor and outdoor environments.

Application areas:

  • Airway
  • Hemorrhage Management
  • Breathing
  • Circulation


  • Full-body, wireless simulator
  • Fully articulated limbs
  • Easy-to-use instructor tablet and software (iOS, Android and Mac/PC)
  • Simulation logs
  • System “health” status with complete and real-time self-diagnostics

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