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The high-end models of our digital X-ray systems are now available as Touch version – a real innovation.
The integrated state-of-the-art touch control panel in the control arm uses all the advantages of digital technology, especially supported by the “CONAXX 2 Touch” control and acquisition software. The operation for the user is very much simplified by ideal workflow, simple handling, and the selection of the patient at the X-ray system directly.
The integrated touch-screen is also enhancing all the advantages of the CONAXX 2 patient positioning assistant. Furthermore the user has access to all patient relevant information directly at the x-ray system. As a matter of course, generator control, patient selection, and job selection can be made directly at the system. Therefore, the X-ray room has to be left only for initiating the exposure.
The user gets a first impression of the image quality through CONAXX 2 preview at the X-ray unit and if necessary, a second exposure can be made immediately. After the image has been sent for viewing, the patient overview is available again.
The position of the X-ray unit can be adjusted easily with ergonomically located buttons on the control panel.

Top 5:
• State-of-the-art control concept: Innovative and very simple touch-screen control including workflow support through “CONAXX 2 Touch” control and acquisition software
• Radiographic positioning aid directly at the system
• Patient selection, job selection, and generator control through integrated touch-screen
• First preview at the system immediately after the exposure
• Ideal workflow simplifies the digital operation.

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