Ureofix® 500 classic – Closed urine measurement system with exchangeable bag or with bottom outlet

B. Braun SE

Product Keywords

Hospital-General Supplies-Infrastructure, Therapy-Equipment-Instruments-Commodities

• Pasteur‘s chamber with air gap and normally open anti-reflux valve
• Transition tubing-container under 45° -> No kinking
• Two protected venting filters for drip chamber and measuring container
• Connector with self-sealing sampling port
• Connecting tubing with slide clamp
• Bayonet linkage at bags for safe connection without leakage
• Measurement chamber
– 2 fine measurement chambers from 0 to 50 ml and 50 ml up to 150 ml
– total measurement volume 500 ml
– precise scale
– Latex-free turning valve with soft surface and clear symbols “cross“ and “arrow“
• Flexible suspension with integrated hook, fixation straps or special adaptors based on the pin and tip jack principle

User benefits

• Minimized risk of urinary tract infections
• Improved emptying of container
• Latex-free: no adverse reactions
• Easy and safe suspension

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