Vexio-cart – the equipment cart with nummerous features and elegant design

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Diagnostic-Equipment-Instruments-Devices, Endoscopy, Image Guided Surgery/ Navigation Technology, Laser Equipment-Devices, Medical Technology and Electromedical Equipment, Ophthalmology-Equipment-Instruments-Commodities, Ultrasound Equipment-Devices

The vexio-cart is a modern, single-column equipment cart with a maximum load of up to 65 kg/143 lbs. This compact equipment cart has a modular configuration, which can be equipped with numerous system and accessory components. The vexio-cart is also available with an optional 660 VA isolating transformer, mechanical height adjustment and various decorative elements. Depending on the electrification requirements of your medical applications, the vexio-cart offers three variations of the basic frame: Economy, Profi and Plus.

The “Economy” vexio-cart is the basic version, which can be extended as required with various individual components. The “Profi” vexio-cart combines system components, such as an electric box and cable ducts, to provide you with an ordered cable management system for your device. The vexio-cart “Plus” offers a support column with a font-opening extrusion. This allows for the additional option of placing power outlets and electrical cabling within the support column.

Application areas: ECG- and EEG devices, PC-carts, mobile computing carts, physio therapy, endoscopy, ultrasound diagnostic

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